Here’s a page for you to feast your eyes on and be really nosey and look at all the epic weddings that I have been to over the past few years.. (I know I really do have the best job!)

From looking through these pictures I’m hoping that you’ll get a pretty good idea of what my style is and what you’ll be signing up to if you were to choose me as your photographer.

You will mainly see smiley faces, as I just LOVE it when you’re laughing through your big day! Your wedding day is the HAPPIEST day of your life… so I want to capture that happiness for you to remember for years to come until you’re old and wrinkly. So if you do like to laugh at your fiancées face a lot... then GREAT.. sign me up!

Natural close up photo of bride and groom at golden hour at the boat house aston marina in staffordshire
Natural picture of bridesmaids laughing together after the outdoor wedding ceremony at woodland bluebell in the cotswolds
Natural photo of the bride and groom laughing together in the golden hour light at Cowley Manor in the Cotswolds
bride and groom happily laughing together in crop field after their wedding ceremony at woodland bluebell in the cotswolds- wedding photography in the cotswolds
bride on the dance floor, dancing to the live band, having an epic time with her arms in the air- wedding photography in staffordshire
gay couple hugging and laughing together after they have got married at tower hill barns- tower hill barns wedding photographer
the mother of the bride as she delivers her hilarious speech, and the bride and groom laugh and clap her along, at kingsacre cupcakes in chester- chester wedding photographer
newlyweds smiling at one another, bride is wearing the most amazing flower crown
at the walled garden in beeston fields, the groom delivers his speech while his bride laughs uncontrollably- wedding photography in the midlands