Danielle Victoria Photography

Hi there!!!

I'm Danielle, a wedding photographer based in Staffordshire, but I will travel across the UK or the world to capture your special day! 

I have loved photography from a young age, and have always been mesmerised by the idea of capturing a special moment and being able to hold onto it for a lifetime; this led me onto study photography at degree level, as well as working alongside other wedding photographers for a number of years. 

I am now fortunate enough to call this my profession, and consider myself extremely lucky to be part of someone's big day. My mission as your wedding photographer is to be there for you throughout your big day, capturing all those precious moments; from the laughs, the cries, and the drunken dancing :) I want to be there to document your day to make your memories last a lifetime! 

Contact me here :)

Soooo. About me.... As your photographer I want to get to know you, to ensure that you feel as relaxed and as comfortable as possible around me on your big day! So in return here are a few facts about me;

* I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan (possibly slightly obsessive)

* I am still a Disney princess at heart 

* Friends is possibly the best T.V show ever made

* I am 5ft 1 Inch small. (Trust me the 1inch makes all the difference) 

* I have an insanely long tongue

* I love to travel

* Going out for food and a movie is possibly my most favourite thing to do (other than photographing weddings of course) 

* I think Karl Pilkington is a genius 

* I hiccup constantly 

* I have been with my boyfriend for 12 years :) ....

* .. And together we have a beautiful baby girl.. Peyton <3 

... I will look forward to getting to know you all :) 

Why not check out my Instagram :) 

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